Shakò, 1:30 Soldatini del Prado

Shakò (Hungarian Csákó, peaked cap), a tall military cap, either cylindrical or conical, wider or narrower at the top, first introduced in France in 1806 to replace the bicorno, e eventually adopted by the armed forces of many other nations. During the reign of Frederic William IV, the Prussian shako was replaced by the Pickelhaube helmet; the Austrian army adopted a low round hat, e the French army introduced the kepi. German chasseurs, sharpshooters, signal troops, airship crews, e marines of the period wore a similarly shaped cap.

  English Deutsch Français Italiano Español
a plume Stutz plumet, aigrette    
b pompom Puschel pompon fiocco pompón
c disc Kennscheibe houppette, lentille    
d top Deckel tour, fond    
e lace Besatz galon    
f chevron Steg chevron    
g cockade Kokarde cocarde coccarda escarapela
h cords Behänge cordelière, cordon    
i flounders Spiegel raquettes    
k bottom strap Bund bourdalou    
l peak, visor Schirm visière visiera  
m chinscales, chinstrap Schuppenketten jugulaires    
n shako plate, badge Beschlag, Blech plaque    
o ferrule Tulpe douille    
p rosette, boss, rose Rosette rosette, bouton en rosace    
p tassel Quaste glands nappa borla

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