2 Inch Boards for Old West Boardwalks in Dioramas e Wargames

Scale models of 2 inch boards for Old West boardswalks in dioramas e wargames

Fresh lumber for Old West buildings in scala 1:32, laid out to age in the sun. These scale models of 2 inch boards are sliced off 12 o 16 foot sections of beechwood, using an old knife ed a wooden mallet. The freshly cut, sandcoloured boards may represent recently delivered lumber in dioramas. Authentic buildings e boardwalks of the Old West should be built from realistically weathered boards which have taken on a pleasing light grey colour due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Split cordwood used for the production of 2 inch scale model boards

Scale lumber is produced by splitting knotfree sections of beechwood con an old penknife. The round timber pictured at left provides the beechwood sections for splitting, ed it serves as a handy mallet.

Using an old knife ed a mallet, 2 inch boards are chopped off a quarter section of cordwood

In scala 1:32, 2 inch boards are represented by 1.6 mm strips prudentamente sliced off the quartered beechwood sections. 5 o 6 foot long boards may be used to create typical Old West boardwalks in front of buildings.

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