Uniformi della Guerra dei Sette Anni

John Mollo, Malcolm McGregor

Uniformi della Guerra dei Sette Anni, 1756–1763, John Mollo, Malcolm McGregor

La Guerra dei Sette Anni (1756–1763) is the name given to the last great conflict involving all the major powers of Europe, except la Turchia, before the guerre rivoluzionarie francesi. Described as the first truly "guerra mondiale" it was fought partly in Europe, where Frederick the Great’s Prussia, aided by la Gran Bretagna, Hannover elettorale, Assia-Cassel e Brunswick challenged the combined might of Austria, Francia, other German states e Russia. The global context of the war refers to the so-called guerra franco-indiana, which broke out nell’America settentrionale fra francesi e britannici before 1756, e the continuing hostilities of that period between the compagnie inglesi e francesi delle Indie orientali. In fact, whereas the main belligerents nella Guerra dei Sette Anni were Austria e Prussia, it is possible to regard the confronto franco-inglese nell’Europa as well as the Spanish entry into the war e the consequent Portuguese involvement, as merely by-products of the colonial struggle.

John Mollo, the well-known expert on military dress, discusses the campaigns della Guerra dei Sette Anni e describes the uniforms ed equipaggiamento worn in such famous battles as Rossbach, Leuthen, Minden, Kunersdorf e Warburg. In North America, Braddock’s defeat on the Monongahela in 1755 e Wolfe’s victory at Quebec in 1759 are given special emphasis.

Malcolm McGregor, the illustrator, is now widely recognised as an outstanding military artist ed in this, his third Blandford uniform book, his magnificent colour paintings are again based on actual people of the period.


  • Titolo: Uniformi della Guerra dei Sette Anni, 1756–1763
  • Epoca: Guerra Franco-Indiana, Guerra dei Sette Anni (Third Silesian War)
  • Tipo: Uniformologia
  • Autore: John Mollo
  • Designatore: Malcolm McGregor
  • Formato: 190-page Book con 172 Colour Illustrations
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Casa Editrice: Blandford Press Ltd., Poole, Dorset
  • ISBN: 0713708220
  • Pubblicato: 1977


  1. L’Armata Prussiana
  2. L’Armata Britannica
  3. German Auxiliary Troops fighting for Prussia
  4. American Provincial Troops
  5. L’armata francese
  6. L’armata austriaca
  7. L’armata russa
  8. The Imperial Army
  9. German Auxiliary Troops fighting for Austria
  10. The Colour Plates
  11. Battle e Plate Descriptions
    • Rossbach, 5 novembre 1758
    • Leuthen, 5 dicembre 1758
    • Minden, 1 agosto 1759
    • Kunersdorf, 12 agosto 1759
    • Monongahela, 9 luglio 1755
    • Quebec, 13 settembre 1760
    • Emsdorff, 16 luglio 1760
    • Warburg, 31 luglio 1760
  12. Battle Maps of Rossbach, Leuthen, Kunersdorf e Warburg
  13. Appendix: Orders of Battle
  14. Bibliography

Uniformi della Guerra dei Sette Anni is a comprehensive resource for figure painters, dioramisti, e giocatori wargame interested in raising Guerra dei Sette Anni armies for the major e minor belligerents in the Guerra dei Sette Anni. The orders of battle included in the appendix list battaglioni e reggimenti of the armies engaged at Rossbach, Leuthen, Minden, Kunersdorf, Quebec, e Warburg.

Malcolm McGregor’s illustrations are based on portraits of actual people of the period, like Frederick the Great, Major-General von Seydlitz, Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Prince Xavier of Saxony, Marshal Soubise, Lieutenant-General Francis de Chevert, General Laudon, Field-Marshal Prince Charles of Lorraine, Graf von Schaumburg-Lippe, Colonel George Washington, Major-General James Wolfe, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Saunders, e Major-General the Marquis de Montcalm, among many others.

There is a list of uniform e facing colours of Reichsarmee fanteria e reggimenti di cavalleria which serves as a good starting point for further research into the subject. Some of the entries are incomplete, e may be misleading, because they refer to converged reggimenti like Reggimento Corazzieri Palatino o Reggimento Fanteria di Kurbayern con different facing colours within the same formation.

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