Forze Speciali US

Recensione dei Figurini ESCI in Scala 1:72

Forze Speciali US, 1:72 Soldatini ESCI P-228

US Special Forces wearing Tiger Stripe Pattern battle dress uniforms ed a variety of headdress, including green berets, bandanas, Jones hats, ed elmetti d’acciaio. The soldatini are mounted on Crossfire stands representing fireteams, tiratori scelti, mortar sections, e platoon commanders. The bases were covered con spackling compound, painted earth brown, drybrushed light ochre, e partially covered con static grass. The sandbag emplacements pictured here are made of DAS Pronto modelling clay.


50 soldatini con 15 posture – 24 mm pari a 173 cm di altezza

  • Soldatino con M-16 e M203 Grenade Launcher, wearing green Beret (1)
  • Radio Telephone Operator con M-16 fucile da tiratore scelto (1)
  • Rambo-Type con M-16 rifle, avanzando (1)
  • Soldier assisting wounded Buddy (1)
  • Wounded Soldier wearing Flak-Vest (1)
  • Granatiere con M-79 Grenade Launcher, seated, sparando (3)
  • Rambo-Type con mitragliatrice M-60, kneeling, sparando (3)
  • Soldatino con M-16 e M203 Grenade Launcher, wearing green Beret (3)
  • Soldatino con Flak-Vest e M-16, running (3)
  • Soldatino con Pump-Action Shotgun, standing, sparando (3)
  • Soldatino con Flak-Vest e M-60, running (6)
  • Soldatino con M-177 Carbine, kneeling, sparando (6)
  • Soldatino con M-16, standing, sparando (6)
  • Soldatino con M-16, standing (6)
  • Soldatino con M-16, avanzando (6)
US Special Forces soldiers con mitragliatrice M60, M16 assault rifle, e fucile a pompa. US Special Forces soldiers con lanciagranate M79 e M16 assault rifle. US Special Forces soldier firing mitragliatrice M60 on the move.


Good choice of subject, US Special Forces are unique in this scale.

Uniforms, armi ed equipaggiamento are well defined e paint up nicely.

Suitable wargame poses which convert well to add even more variety.

Compatibile con Hasegawa, Italeri, e Revell.

Some flash e le linee di stampo devono essere tolto prima di dipingere.

Less than 20 percent of the soldatini are wearing the ubiquitous vietnam era flak-vest, making them unsuitable for the typical firebase defence scenario.

Most of these soldatini are travelling lightly, without packs e con surprisingly little equipaggiamento ed ammunition on their bodies, considering that they are supposed to be Special Forces operating dietro le linie nemiche. Dropped packs e cached ammunition might have been a nice addition to this kit, allowing the diorama builder to model a patrol ed ambush scenario.

The Rambo-type soldatini, half-naked e wearing bandanas around their heads, have a certain Hollywood appeal, but they are out of place in a typical Vietnam War era combat scenario.

Mortars e Claymore mines are not included in the set.

The 15 poses included in this set are enough to raise a Special Forces A-Team con 12 unique soldatini. Giocatori Wargame may deploy their Special Forces A-Team as a unit of tre fireteams, un tiratore scelto, ed un comandante di plotone, o as individual soldiers attached to Company Command Stands of indiginous battaglioni di fanteria.

ESCI Soldatini

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