Cosaco del Reggimento di Platov, 1812

Recensione del Figurina del Prado in Scala 1:30

Cosaco del Reggimento di Platov, 1812 - 1:30 Figurina del Prado

Hetman o Ataman Matvei Iwanowitsch Platow served as general di cavalleria in the 1st Cavalleria Corps russo of Lieutenant-General Fedor Petrovich Uvarov. Platow was Ataman of the Don Cosacchi e Colonel in Chief of the Ataman reggimento which fought at the Battle of Borodino on 07 settembre 1812. Scouts cosacchi had located a ford over the Kolochka near the village of Nowie. Around 11:00 o’clock, Uvarov’s cavalleria corps crossed the Kolochka con approximately 8,000 men ed a artiglieria a cavallo battery to threaten the flank of Eugene’s VI. Corps. As a result, the attack francese against the centre of the linea russa was stalled for approximately due hours, until the cavalleria russa had withdrawn e the flank was secure again. The del Prado cavalleria figure portrays a Cosaco of the Ataman reggimento wearing the dark blue uniform con light blue facings.


Horse e rider are anatomically correct.

The steel wire lance is cast directly into the hand of the figure, ed it has a nicely detailed lance head.

The figure may by painted as Don Cosaco of the Life-Guard Squadron of the Guardia Imperiale russa. The red uniform of the Cosacchi della Guardia Imperiale russa is shown on page 5 of the Osprey manual sold con the figure.

The 16-page booklet by Osprey Publishing contains several colourful illustrations of Cosacchi serving in the armata russa delle Guerre Napoleoniche.

Compatibile con 1:30 scale King & Country military e civilian miniatures.

The figure we reviewed was apparently damaged in transit. The rider had been separated from the horse, e the paint was scraped off in several places, showing the metal beneath it. We’ve seen damage like this on other del Prado soldatini of this series.

The del Prado figure of the Don Cosaco may be repainted to represent another reggimento cosaco of Uvarov’s cavalleria corps, o of the cavalleria della Guardia Imperiale russa.

del Prado Soldatini

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