2nd King’s German Dragoons, 1806–1812

Recensione del Figurina del Prado in Scala 1:30

2nd Regiment, King’s German Dragoons, 1812, 1:30 Soldatini del Prado

The King’s German Legion was formed in England on 10 agosto 1803 from veterans dell’armata hannoveriana, e disbanded on 24 maggio 1816 nella Hannover. Battle Honours e Traditions of the K.G.L. were passed on to the newly raised reggimenti of the Army of the Regno di Hannover.

There were due reggimenti di dragoni in the King’s German Legion, which were designated heavy dragoni from 1808 to 1812, e converted to dragoni leggeri in 1813. Both reggimenti wore red coats, con dark blue facings for the 1st e black facings for the 2nd regiment. In 1814, both reggimenti received dark blue uniformi dei dragoni leggeri britannici. The 2nd King’s German Dragoons distinguished themselves in many skirmishes e battles delle Guerre Napoleoniche. The Duke of Wellington ed other contemporary observers noted that the heavy cavalleria of the King’s German Legion was exceptionally well mounted, e that the men took good care of their horses.


Horse e rider are anatomically correct.

The red uniform con black facings looks smart, e the elegant bicorno hat goes very well con it. The KGL dragone wears his bicorne pointing fore ed aft, unlike the officer of the 5th Dragoon Guards who wears the bicorne sideways.

Cavalli hannoveriani are decendents of the Great Medieval Warhorse. They have been bred at the state stud farm in Celle near Hannover since 1735. Il cavallo hannoveriano, 160 to 175 cm tall, is an excellent heavy cavalleria mount. This horse is noticeably taller than the officer’s horse of the 5th Dragoon Guards also available from del Prado.

The 16-page booklet by Osprey Publishing contains several colourful illustrations of KGL cavalleria durante le guerre napoleoniche.

Compatibile con 1:30 scale King & Country military e civilian miniatures.

The saddle has not been modelled, it is only painted on the saddleblanket.

This 1:30 scale del Prado KGL dragone is a smart trooper of the cavalleria d’élite hannoveriana in servizio britannico. The figure may be painted con dark blue facings to represent a trooper of the 1st King’s German Dragoons.

del Prado Soldatini

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