Blücher at Leipzig, 1813

Recensione del Figurina del Prado in Scala 1:30

Blücher at Leipzig 1813, 1:30 Soldatinio del Prado

On 26 febbraio 1813, Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, aged 71, was given command of the Silesian Army which consisted of the 1. Corps (Yorck) prussiano e truppe russe under generals Langeron e Sacken. From 16 to 19 ottobre 1813 the Silesian Army fought at the Battle of Nations at Leipzig alongside other allied contingents. Napoleon was defeated at Leipzig e compelled to retreat toward the Rhine river. On the first day of the New Year 1814 Blücher’s Rhine-Crossing at Kaub breached the Rhine river defenses e the allied armies continued their advance on Paris. Napoleon abdicated in aprile of 1814, following the allied occupation of Paris at the end of marzo.


Horse e rider are nicely sculpted e correctly proportioned.

Blücher’s horse is 171 cm tall, comparable in size to a heavy cavalleria mount which could be anywhere from 157 to 179 cm tall. Cavalli delle corazzieri prussiani were 166 cm tall on average.

The 16-page Osprey booklet which comes con the figure includes several colour illustrations. The text describes Blücher’s military carreer from a 15-year old hussar lieutenant nel servizio svedese to General-Fieldmarshall dell’armata prussiana.

Excellent value for money: Blücher costs only 4.95 €.

Compatibile con 1:30 scale King & Country military e civilian miniatures.

The Osprey booklet shows Blücher wearing a grey military cappotto con grey cape, but the figure is wearing a darkblue cappotto con grey cape.

The manufacturer, del Prado, offers this 1:30 figure at a very competitive price. Generalfeldmarschall von Blücher advertises the newly released del Prado series "cavalleria delle Guerre Napoleoniche". Being an old husar, Blücher probably would have appreciated the honor.

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