Autocarro Medio m.Lkw. (S-Typ)

Autocarro Medio Klöckner-Deutz S3000

The 3000S o S-Typ standard 3 ton medium utiliy truck was developed under the Schell-Programm, intended to standardize German wartime automobile production e conserve valuable resources. The 3000S model was produced by Borgward, Ford, Magirus, Mercedes-Benz, e Opel con minor variations. Various open, closed, house type, e tanker body variants of the 3000S became available. Starting in 1944, new S-Typ medium trucks were fitted con the Einheitsfahrerhaus replacement cab made of wood o high density fibreboard, instead of the earlier steel cab.


  • Opel Blitz 3,6-36S
  • Borgward B3000S
  • Ford V3000S/G917T
    • Ford V3000S early conv. for Italeri Opel Blitz, 1:72 Modell Trans MT72054
  • Ford V3000S/G198TS
    • 1:35 Airpress
  • Klöckner-Deutz S3000
  • Mercedes-Benz L3000S
    • 1:48 Bandai MA00708
  • Mercedes-Benz L701 (Opel)
m.Lkw. Mercedes-Benz L3000S, 1:87 Modello in Resina
m.Lkw. Mercedes-Benz L3000S, 1:87 Modello in Resina

Caratteristiche Tecniche

  • Denominazione: m.Lkw – mittlerer Lkw, 4×2
  • Motore: Opel 3.6 liter 6-cylinder, I-I-W-F, 3626 cc, 54.8 kw @ 3000 rpm
  • Velocità: 80 km/h
  • Autonomia: 300 km sulle strade, 230 km Cross-Country
  • Transmission: 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
  • Brakes: hydraulic
  • Tires: 7.50-20
  • Wheelbase: 3600 mm
  • Lunghezza: 6700 mm
  • Larghezza: 2265 mm
  • Altezza: 2175 mm
  • Peso: 2540 kg
  • Payload: 3 tons
  • Produzione: 1938–1944
  • Utilizzo storico:
    • Armata tedesca, 1939 - maggio 1945
    • Armata romena


  • Frank, Reinhard: Lastkraftwagen der Wehrmacht (Eggolsheim 1999)

German S-Typ ed A-Typ 3 ton medium trucks can be difficult to distinguish in miniature. Some manufacturers offer hybrid variants of mixed dimensions, combining the short wheelbase of one vehicle con the overall length of another.

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